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socialBOX brings you all the advantages of transparent LCD but with high visibility and interactivity.


We wanted to differentiate its boxes by using interactivity using transparent LCDs. But the brightness and visibility of transparent LCDs were low thus they weren’t suitable for interactive usage.


The World’s First Interactive Box with Patent Pending MagicCoat Brightness Booster Technology


We created a High Brightness Transparent LCD that can make possible to create all kind of interactive application such as SelfieBooth, Augmented Reality Games, Interactive Menus…

different color options

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Meet the technical features of socialCOOLER

HD Camera

With its integrated HD Camera it allows applications such as Photo Booth, Augmented Reality Games, face and people counting and barcode reader.

Touch Sensor

With touch screen and image processing technologies socialBOX is your advertising and engagement tool at your point of sales.

Special Loudspeakers

Thanks to high sound quality you can reach your target audience without disturbing others.

Innovative Screen Technology

With its patented MagicCoat technology, socialBOX provides high visibility and true colors on a transparent LCD.

Wi-Fi Hotspot System

Thanks to patented Wirospot technology you can create a Free Wi-Fi zone around your box. You can show advertising and collect consumer data.

Sensor System

With integrated sensor system you can track box status, location and count customer traffic. You can get alarm in case of a theft or replacement.


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Dual Screen Technology

With Patented Dual Screen Technology

SocialBOX can switch between Transparent LCD and Standart LCD any time you want.


Transparent Screen Mode

When transparent mode is on you can see through the screen. You can show video animations integrated with the product.

Video Screen Mode

When Video mode is on, the product is not visible anymore. We can play HD videos and show interactive contents.

With patented MagicCoat technology, screen transparency is electronically controlled. Compared to regular transparent LCDs,

socialBOX reaches highest brightness and true colors.

Standart Transparent Lcd Performance

High brightness and true colors

with Macigcoat Technology



Wide range of sizes: We have over 30 different sizes including from 3.5 inch up to 84 inch. Various formats: 4/3, 16/9 Ultra Wide Angle and Curved formats. Highest Resolution: HD and Ultra HD resolutions


  • Small

  • 10.1-10.4 inch
  • 12.1 inch
  • 15 inch
  • 17 inch
  • 19 inch
  • 21.5 inch
  • Medium

  • 22 inc
  • 23 inch
  • 24 inch
  • 27 inch
  • 29 inch
  • 32 inch
  • Large

  • 42 inch
  • 47 inch
  • 55 inch
  • 65 inch
  • 70 inch
  • 84 inch



With CooLOUD, socialBOX cloud technology; Manage campaigns and contents remotely Collect usage statistics and Get alerts automatically.

We Love Technology

We tackle business problems with intelligence. We use cutting-edge tech and cutting-edge thinking to bring brands to life online and direct consumer behaviour.


Our dedication to quality is certified in international standards.


socialBOX is a subsidiary of Create-4 Innovation Company. We work with great brands. We have created projects in 12 countries: Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, South Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan.

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E-posta: info@create-4.com


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C4 İnteraktif Bilişim ve Reklam Teknolojileri Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.
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